Jonah is an interesting story. When I read this story I always take it at face value. A prophet gets word from God that he needs to go to Nineveh and preach repentance. The prophet decides he doesn’t want to do this so he takes a boat going in the opposite direction. God is not happy and brings a dangerous storm. Eventually Jonah has the crew throw him over board. God sends a “fish” to swallow Jonah. He is in the fishes belly for 3 days.

Here is we’re  my eyes were open recently. I always envisioned Jonah coming out of the fish like he went in. I know Spiritually he had a change of heart, kind of. But what would he look like physically after being in the belly of a fish.

Let me preface my next statement with I know God could protect him from any physical harm. But let us look at this at a different angle. The fish has digestive enzymes and acid in its stomach. Jonah was in there for 3 full days. Maybe just maybe he was burned by the stomach content. He could have been looking pretty bad.

This started me thinking. Our God is a gracious God. He will see us through the roughest of times. He will even deliver us from dumb mistakes. However sometimes he will let us take scars away, to help us make the right decision the next time.

I look back at my life and see were God delivered me from dumb decisions. I have the scars to prove it. These scars do help me to make the right decision now.

As we run our race, let’s use our scars as motivation. Don’t look at them in disdain and an excuse to do nothing but pout.

Have a great day! TGIF

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