Good morning all,

One of the objectives of this site/blog is to help individuals find the strength and courage to serve Jesus. Sometimes that means just getting through the day. We have several friends who are struggling with anxiety. I have a little experience with this. My experience was situational and through prayer and good friends the Lord got me through it.

Part of helping people is getting them the tools they need. Even when you are not the person who can help them.

I thought today I would share a website that I found recently. My prayer is that this will help you if you are suffering from anxiety of any level. Jesus loves you and wants to use  you.

This website is also on the links page.


One thought on “Anxiety

  1. I cant thank you all enough for all the prayers and support. Today’s email gives me a simple beautiful prayer and a lot of information to read over.
    Thank you so much, Joy

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