When God Moves

Lord there are people all around who need your loving kindness. But when I take my focus off of You, I may get overwhelmed or frustrated or even full of helplessness. But may I remember it’s not up to me, but You working through me. Boy that takes the pressure off. I need only to be an open vessel ready to be used by you. And watch how you move!

There is a song called Move. Some of the lyrics are: When you move darkness runs for cover. When you move, no ones turned away, Cause where you are, fear turns into praises. And where you are, no hearts left unchanged.

This powerful song is called Move by Jesus Culture. Listen to it when you can on you Tube, so you can experience it and see how when we invite Jesus into our lives He moves in ways that cannot be explained.

Bless you dear friends. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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