John 3:16 part II

Last time I went on and on about the second part of this verse. Today I would like to finish up this verse by looking at it as a whole.

So as Believers’, we forget that God loves the whole earth. There is no one that is on this earth that God doesn’t love. But just like a wayward child the whole earth doesn’t love Him. We are sinners by nature and need Jesus, His only Son, to save us. God does not want any to perish. Unfortunately because they do not believe on Jesus they will perish.

Here is were we come in. Yes having signs with the scripture on it at ballgames, parades and anywhere else you can think of helps.

It is our job to partner with God to help let people know this message. Let’s give them more than the scripture. Let’s give them our testimony. People need to hear how God moves in your life. It can be scary because there will be people who will not want to hear it. They may get violent, verbally or physically. Just leave them in God’s hands and move on to the next person. I am not talking about going door to door. You can do this in the framework of your life. In fact I believe God wants that. After all he orders our steps (Psalm 37:23) and put you in this framework.

So will you partner with God and help fulfill John 3:16?

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