It’s funny how we do things and make decisions. When these decisions turnout to be bad then we get mad at God.

Maybe you have felt this way or even said. ” I don’t understand why God didn’t stop me?” or ” I thought God would get me out of it?”

As Christians we are very good at telling unbelievers that you made your bed. We are not so quick to say that to ourselves. In fact I have had friends blame the devil for their bad decisions.

I think of King David and the bed he made with Bathsheba. He slept with another mans wife and she gets pregnant. Bad decision #1. He then calls her husband in from the battlefield. He tells him to go home and sleep with his wife. When he wouldn’t do it because his troops were still in battle. David sends him back and instructs his officers to put him to on the front lines. David knows that will probably get him killed. Bad decision 2 + 3.

What a snowball effect bad decisions can have on our lives.

I was in DC one day this summer and I received a ticket for failure to signal. I could go into the extenuating circumstances but I won’t bore you. Let’s just say I felt a “warning” appropriate than a ticket. As I drove away from the cop I was mad at the cop for issuing me the ticket.

However, I was guilty of the infraction so by the law I should get the ticket.

As a drove around the rest of the day, I witnessed at least 15 failure to signal turns.

I thought that God was going to get me out of the ticket. To add insult to injury, the ticket cost me $100. Ouch, for a split second decision that’s a lot of money.

I could not blame the cop, Satan or God for my decision to turn right without putting on my turn signal.

I put on my turn signal every time now.

Sometimes we have to file bad decisions under lesson learned.

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