The Journey of a life time

Our church is embarking on a 10 Day Prayer Challenge. As I was walking our dog Max this morning I thought of the James, author of the Book of James. Why you might ask, glad you did.

James was known as (nickname) Old Camel Knees because he spent so much time on his knees praying. So much time his knees hardened like those of a camel. Imagine praying so much that our bodies are adversely affected.

Now let me connect these two points. As I thought of James and how he dedicated his life to praying.

I thought maybe these 10 Days can be a kick start for us. Let’s be like John and take this Journey of a lifetime. For the next 10 Days I will be posting prayer points. These points are the same that our church will be praying.

Enjoy the Journey

Day 1 of our 10 Days Of Prayer.
God’s blessing as you take this journey.

Day #1: The Ninevah Moment
Prayer for our REBELLION

The Ninevites believed God. A fast was proclaimed, and all of them from the greatest to the least, put on sackcloth.—Jonah 3:5

Father, forgive us for great sins in our nation and as believers. We have forsaken God and ignored His Word. We have shed innocent blood and hated one another. We have committed sexual immorality. We have worshipped money and trusted in our own strength. Forgive us! Let Your eyes be open and Your ears attentive to our prayers and repentance for the people of God and for our nation. Forgive us, Your people, for our sins that have grieved Your heart and deserve righteous judgment. Father, our human action is weak and inadequate for the problems we are facing. We do not trust in kings or princes, in politics or the power of our own hands, but our eyes are on You. Would You rise and take action to revive your Church and to bring about a great turning in this moment of crisis?
Other Scripture:
Joel 2:12-14
Exodus 34:6
Daniel 9:19

If you want to officially join use you can click this link and sign up.

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