Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday Devotional 2023

Bible Readings:

Matthew 26:17-19; John 13:1-5; Mark 14:17-21; Matthew 26:36-39; Luke 22:47,48

As I sit in western Philadelphia thinking about Maundy Thursday. On Maundy Thursday, the Bible shares four important events that happened, which Jesus intends for us to read, learn and pursue.  If Maundy Thursday is just another religious activity to join in or should it be more?The Bible does not prohibit us from recognizing this day at Connections Community Church, but sometimes, with all these religious celebrations we forget the personal, in our heart, participation.  On this day, so many years ago,Jesus gave his disciples the command to love one another and today, in 2023, Jesus gives us the command to love one another too.  

Contemplation: Maundy Thursday is more than something we religiously recognize and celebrate every year. It is a personal, sincere, in our heart daily commitment from Jesus.

(Devo written by Elder Mark Bennett)

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