Transaction or Interaction

One Saturday I am going about my business and my world gets “Rocked”. Have you had a day like that? I am in the grocery store looking for an open checkout line. I have become accustomed to the self-checkout’s. However, today there was a full service one open so I started putting my items on the belt. So far this is all mundane until I ask the store employee how she was doing.

Her very first response was “do you really want to know?”. I was a little taken back by her response but also intrigued by it. She went on to say “no you probably don’t want to know, so I am ok”. Immediately I told her I did want to know how she was doing. Mean while she is scanning my groceries and people are being me putting their groceries on the belt. If there every was a time to just go about my business today was it. God had other plans for her and me. She began to unload on me in the short amount of time we had. She was hurting in so many ways.She had recently lost her Grandparents who raised her, Covid seemed to get the best of her. She was depressed from it and no counselor was seeing Covid depression. At least that is what she said. I couldn’t do much at this l point other than to tell her I would be praying for her. I also gave her information about our church and invited her to visit. She also lamented about not being able to go to church because of Covid.

I left the store and started driving home somewhat dumbfounded. I prayed for her as soon as I sat in my car and asked God to move in her life. I also thought about the interaction I had with her. The Holy Spirit began to minister to me that we all to often go through life having “Transactions” instead of having “Interactions”.

The definition of transaction- the action of conducting business. Unfortunately this is what we do most of the time. However the Lord made me have an “interaction” with this young lady. Interaction-communication or direct involvement with someone or something. The reason we stay away from this one is it takes time and some effort.

Interaction is how Jesus lived His life. Whether it was with the woman at the well(John 4:4-28), Mary about to get stoned to death(John 8:1-11), Nicodemus in the middle of the night (John 3:1-21)or having Peter put his net on the other side of the boat(Luke 5:5-7). Jesus showed us how to do life while in earth.

Like I said, my world was rocked in a good way. We as Christians are Gods representatives here on earth. He wants to use us for His Kingdoms glory and advancement. I challenge all of us to “interact’ with this world. This gives Jesus an opportunity to minister to the people we meet.

Delayed Praise

Praise God in Advance: The Fasting-Praising Connection

In DecemberI was shopping at a local warehouse box store. I went in specifically for paper towels. So I went to the isle were they normally are. No paper towels, but they have TP. I look around the corner and some folks are hanging out and talking. I joined in on the conversation. They were talking about this cheap paper towel brand. I considered getting some but opted for a big pack of napkins. 

Let me flashback: a month prior I was at the same store and they had plenty of paper towels. I was going to pick some up but we didn’t need any at the time. I thought I would not horde and leave some for those who needed it. So the next two times I have been there no paper towels. 

Back to my current visit. Once I left the paper isle and started shopping I went to the electronic section. As I turn the corner I see a package of paper towels and not the cheap kind. I stopped and looked around to see if someone had dropped it. One of the employees told me to take it if I wanted it. I pick it up and put it in my cart. I could not believe my “luck”. I giggle as I finished my shopping. I was the envy of the store. You see as  I think back this brand had to be sold out for a couple of days. There was no pallet or pricing where this came from. It’s almost like God placed it there just for me.

Later on I was taking to my Honey and told her the story. As I spoke the words I realized that this was a blessing from the Lord. I began to praise Him. 

My praise was “delayed”. God will take praise anytime we want to give it. 

It’s never too late to praise God for His goodness and blessings. So I encourage you to bless the lord with your praise no matter how delayed it is.